STAY COOL Breath Freshener Spray , 20ml , Cool Mint Flavor ستاي كول | StayCool

18 SAR

STAY COOL Breath Freshener Spray , 20ml , Spearmint Flavor

Nobody likes to be in situations where you are dealing with someone with bad breath

It is extremely unattractive and portrays poor oral hygiene.

However, bad breath is sometimes inevitable and there are plenty of common daily food

beverages and social habits which result in this.

With STAYCOOL Mouth Sprays, you can ensure you are better prepared.

By carrying around our smart pocket-sized spray, you can avoid these embarrassing situations in the future

A few quick sprays throughout the day, will ensure you maintain that fresh breath confidence!

Pocket Sized

Sugar Free

Alcohol Free

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  • 18 SAR
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